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The Latin “rediviva” means reborn, rebuilt, renewed, recycled

Welcome to Oregon Rediviva

Richard H. Engeman is Oregon Rediviva. Richard is engaged in the history of Oregon as a presenter and author, and as a researcher. His recent blog posts on aspects of Oregon history can be found here, along with information on his public presentations and publications, contact information, and links to other sites about Oregon’s past.

Recent Posts

… and then what happened?

My modest collection of postcards includes a number that came to me because they were in the Engeman family house in Silverton. After the death of Uncle Ted in 1994,[…]

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Entertainment Extraordinary

The Cabaret Grill was an entertainment palace, apparently a short-lived one that arose in 1913 and sank in 1914. It was located at 2nd and Burnside, an intersection notable  at[…]

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“The Foe of Old Age and Disease”

The place and position of government with regard to old age and disease—think COVID-19—is a question of long standing. One of the major American milestones in government oversight of public[…]

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