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The Latin “rediviva” means reborn, rebuilt, renewed, recycled

Welcome to Oregon Rediviva

Richard H. Engeman is Oregon Rediviva. Richard is engaged in the history of Oregon as a presenter and author, and as a researcher. His recent blog posts on aspects of Oregon history can be found here, along with information on his public presentations and publications, contact information, and links to other sites about Oregon’s past.

Recent Posts

Father’s: the Guru, the Treasure, the Best Food in Oregon

The Rajneeshee were not the only followers of an Indian guru who opened a restaurant in Oregon. Our other culinary guru was Ciranjavi Roy, who inspired Nelson and April Souza[…]

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The Cake Plop, the Dozen Dozen Cookies, and the Fire

During my high school years Warrenton, we lived in an old farmhouse on a hill overlooking an expanse of former tidelands—now pastures and shopping malls—at the mouth of the Columbia[…]

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Can Allies and Axis Unite? Really, the United Nations?

The United Nations was a huge presence in the 1950s, associated with efforts to establish peace around the world, to feed people, to relocate refugees, to improve health, to advance[…]

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