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Richard H. Engeman is a public historian and archivist, and the person behind Oregon Rediviva, LLC. The name Oregon Rediviva is connected to the history of the Oregon Country: Captain Robert Gray’s ship Columbia Rediviva entered the mouth of the Columbia River in 1792. In 1805, Capt. Meriwether Lewis described a plant, to which the name Lewisia rediviva has been applied. It is better known as the bitterroot, the state flower of Montana.

The Latin “rediviva” means reborn, rebuilt, renewed, recycled (if you will). One of my aims is to renew, to recycle, to revivify Oregon history. History has been the foundation of my understanding of the world I live in, and local and regional history has played a big role for me in that larger story. It’s my hope that others will make those connections as well, and will find them valuable in making sense of our astoundingly large and complex world.

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Photo by Terry E. Jess

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Richard H. Engeman is the founder and sole proprietor of Oregon Rediviva, LLC.
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